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3. Locations

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Jim GM

Jim GM
Some locations that embody the threats and themes.

Sierra River Park, the Amusement Park:
With it's signature attraction, the 150ft Ferris Wheel, right on Lake Pontchartrain, this Bucktown tourist attraction has been delighting children young and old for many years. The original owner, Kurt Bochenek, was loved by all and it was a devastating event when he passed away three months ago. He passed his park on to his son Erik Bochenek and the park continues to entertain everyone. But only a certain few know of the new attraction that the park holds...

Trouble: There is a new tent that only a certain few have access to. Inside, there is a giant circle stage tinged red with blood. Here, people unlike us are forced to do battle with each other with their lives on the line. This is the Underdome. Not to be confused with Moxxi's Underdome, this is a place that supernatural beings pit magic against claw here for the amusement of others. It's known by word-of-mouth that these "things" are kept there, but everyone that's not in the know believes that it's for helping them and curing them.

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