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Saffron Atherton, Knight of the Spring Court

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1Saffron Atherton,  Knight of the Spring Court Empty Saffron Atherton, Knight of the Spring Court on Tue Dec 11, 2012 3:51 am

Saffron Atherton,  Knight of the Spring Court SpringKnight-1_zpsebbce07a

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I've been a martial artist for as long as I can remember. Ever since I could take my first steps my parents and uncle were teaching me kung fu. I've mastered almost every animal style, though I still to this day prefer Dragon. Every Weekend I spent my time in one of the most beautiful places ever. There I learned about the Faerie courts in the presence of the Spring Queen and Lady. Only once did I meet the mothers. Growing up with the Spring Lady was fun, interesting, and a learning experience in many ways. She would show me proper etiquetee around the courts, and in return we would have fun and play games from the mortal realm. While growing up together we fell in love. I grew to want to protect her. It was this that would shape my destiny. I approached her mother, the queen, and asked for her permission to date Lorelei. She agreed, on the condition that I become the Knight to the Spring Court. I agreed instantly. Little did I know, that this was going to happen wether I chose for it to or not. My family had offered me long ago to the Spring Court. Faerie magic was taught to me and I was trained to wield Spring's power and soon I could throw magic around as if I was breathing. Of course, the queen told me my services may never be needed, so long as Autumn never tried to come into power. The night they did I could feel the mantle of the Spring Knight envelop me and Lorelei's voice told me to come see her. When I did I was told that my services were needed. War was on.

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