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What is this?

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1What is this? Empty What is this? on Mon Nov 12, 2012 11:28 pm

Jim GM

Jim GM
City Building is a part of character creation. When we get to that point we'll keep that organized here for easy reference later.

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2What is this? Empty What do you want to do? on Tue Nov 13, 2012 7:20 pm

I kinda pushed the traveling murderers thing on you guys. As you can see from reading the book there are other options besides that. So I'm asking up I guys what you would like to do. My only suggestion is that if we decide to be city based then we pick a city other than Chicago as that's Harry Dresden's territory and I'd rather not trip all over the series' main characters.

I would like to stick with the paranet thing unless someone comes up with something better.

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